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As a small business grows, its needs and structure shifts. As part of our complete accounting services and bookkeeping services offerings, Small business incorporation may be an attractive vehicle for you, the small business owner, and one that may be necessary so as to ensure that your small business in or around Oakville, Ontario prospers. The very important decision to incorporate your small business at any stage of its development will govern what your small business is able, or unable, to do in future. Most small businesses start off as partnerships or sole proprietorships. They may eventually become incorporated when growth justifies this step. Some of the many benefits to consider when considering small business incorporation are:

  • Income splitting; reduces tax liability, and can involve family members.
  • Limited liability; reduces your own personal liability and protects your personal assets.
  • Lower tax rate; Canadian controlled private corporation tax is approximately 21%, and personal income can be reinvested into the corporation or received as dividends.
  • Continuance; continue to exist irrespective of ownership with an unlimited life-span.
  • Raising funds; incorporated companies can borrow, and there’s an added ability to borrow from the corporation.
  • Small business tax deduction; approximately 16% on the first $200,000 of taxable income, and may lower tax rate.

Incorporating your small business can be a complicated undertaking, but Clearwater Professional Corporation and their accounting services and bookkeeping services experts are here to help you make the transition as seamlessly as possible! For more than 30 years, our expert accountants have been assisting a variety of small business in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Toronto, Brampton, Dundas, Etobicoke, Grimsby, Hamilton and Milton, Ontario, with their small business incorporation. In addition to small business incorporation, the chartered accountants at Clearwater Professional Corporation also assist would-be entrepreneurs with turning their small business dreams into reality, by offering small business registration services, and other accounting services and bookkeeping services as well. By meeting with our firm so that we can determine your small business objectives, we can assist you, the small business owner, with:

  • Company name and business registration
  • Payroll and HST registration
  • Custom-made software and financial reports

Our firms accountants will help lighten the stressful load associated with launching your new, small business enterprise. We will determine the best small business structure for your needs and goals, and help your small business take its first positive step in the right direction. By working together, our chartered accountants and bookkeepers will assist you in determining the best framework for your small business objectives, and help your blooming enterprise in or around Oakville with the necessary task of business registration. From there, you can count on the experts at Clearwater Professional Corporation for all of your accounting services and bookkeeping services needs. Give our firms accountants a call today and ask them how they can help you quickly and hassle free with your small business registration or incorporation needs!

In addition to incorporation / business registration services, Clearwater Professional Corporation also provides the following financial services integral to small business success:

Bookkeeping Services

  • What is QuickBooks software?
  • QuickBooks advising
  • Bookkeeping for small business

Accounting Services

  • Accounting software consultancy
  • Part time controller / CFO advisory
  • Business planning for growth

Tax & Payroll Services

  • Tax planning
  • Payroll processing & employee benefits
  • Tax filing & personal taxation
  • HST filing
  • Corporate taxation

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