Tax Planning

Tax laws can be incredibly complex, dynamic and challenging. Not limited to an annual endeavor, tax planning should be a year-long activity that addresses financial adjustments as they occur so that tax planning opportunities can easily be identified to achieve maximum results. Clearwater Professional Corporations 30+ years of tax and payroll services (as well as accounting and bookkeeping services) expertise has built a foundation of strong tax knowledge that is considered tops in the tax planning industry. Our expert bookkeepers provide small business owners with a tailor-made, proven strategy geared exclusively towards their small business circumstances.

The well-demonstrated success of our strategic approach to tax planning is only a small part of the tax and payroll services, and other bookkeeping services, that we have to offer. Our tax planning services have permitted small business owners in Oakville, Brampton, Dundas, Etobicoke, Grimsby, Hamilton, Milton, Stoney Creek, Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga and Ancaster to maximize their tax savings potential and protect their earnings and assets. We at Clearwater provide tax planning advice that is practical and proven, and additional tax and payroll services (and other bookkeeping services) that are outstanding! Contact our highly skilled and friendly bookkeepers today to inquire as to how they can assist you with your small business goals by means of our tax planning services!

In addition to tax planning services, Clearwater Professional Corporation also offers the following financial services necessary for small business success:

Bookkeeping Services

  • What is QuickBooks software?
  • QuickBooks advising
  • Bookkeeping for small business

Accounting Services

  • Accounting software consultancy
  • Incorporation / business registration
  • Part Time Controller / Cfo Advisory
  • Business Planning For Growth

Tax & Payroll Services

  • Payroll processing & employee benefits
  • Tax filing & personal taxation
  • HST filing
  • Corporate taxation

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