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The bookkeepers at Clearwater Professional Corporation would love to assist you with your small business financial duties. Our firm offers a vast array of bookkeeping services, accounting services and tax and payroll services, to help small business owners like you grow and prosper. We have services small businesses of all types for more than 30 years within the greater Oakville, Ontario region, including the cities of Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas and outlying regions. Clearwater Professional Corporations knowledgeable and friendly bookkeepers offer a variety of personalized and professional bookkeeping services, accounting services, and tax and payroll services for your small business requirements. Please visit the following pages to learn more about them:

Bookkeeping Services

  • What is QuickBooks software?
  • QuickBooks advising
  • Bookkeeping for small business

Accounting Services

  • Accounting software consultancy
  • Incorporation / business registration
  • Part time controller / CFO advisory
  • Business planning for growth

Tax & Payroll Services

  • Tax planning
  • Payroll processing & employee benefits
  • Tax filing & personal taxation
  • HST filing
  • Corporate taxation

Because Clearwater Professional Corporation is an all-in-one small business bookkeeping services firm, you can rest assured that ALL of your companys financial needs are being met. We combine the expertise of a large, traditional bookkeeping firm, with the local business acumen and personal attention provided by a smaller practice, to deliver you the very best in bookkeeping services! Whether you operate a successful company, or are starting a new small business in Oakville, Burlington, Milton or surrounding areas, Clearwater is equipped to assist you with your unavoidable small business bookkeeping requirements.

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If you’re tired of getting lost in the shuffle of a large bookkeeping firm, fed-up with searching for a reliable bookkeeping service, and want peace of mind knowing that your financial need are being taken care of in and efficient and effective manner, then consider Clearwater Professional Corporation your partner in managing and growing your small business. Like you, our firms owner is also a small business owner, so he knows just what it takes to succeed in todays highly competitive economy. He and his bookkeepers can help you achieve success, and are here for you ready to get started. Get in touch with our skilled bookkeepers to discover just how our firm can help you, and your small business today!

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What Our Clients Say

  • Robert Moffat

    Business Owner

    The bookkeepers at Clearwater Professional Corporation have helped me rebuild my business with detailed planning, implementing the latest bookkeeping systems and providing tax advice and tax planning all year round. Their ready availability and attention to detail almost seems like having a full time Chief Financial Officer for my small business.

  • Dr. Omar Abdulghafoor


    Extensive experience and knowledge of the Canadian business environment is evident in my interactions with the bookkeepers at Clearwater Professional Corporation!

  • Kris Sharma

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    I hired Clearwater Professional Corporations for their bookkeeping services as they provide me monthly financial statements, plan my taxes on an ongoing basis and help me drive my long term strategy, all at the same price as my previous bookkeeper who I fired as she would show up only once a year at tax time.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Firm Oakville

For more than 30 years, Clearwater Professional Corporation has been greater Oakvilles premier choice for small business bookkeeping services, accounting services and tax and payroll services.

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